About Sudie

I came into the world an artist.  I believe living as an artist, I just see the world differently.  I see beauty; I notice things where others may not.  I like that I can see a color in nature or elsewhere and mix it in my mind.  I like that I am not afraid to learn new techniques, that I am excited to experiment.  I believe I collect data unconsciously and squirrel it away in my brain, or I consciously make notes or do sketches of ideas, color combinations, mixed media projects, and patterns.  I cannot control what comes through me.  Sometimes I wish I could.  My life would be easier.  What I have come to understand is that I am a channel.  My true work is first to be the channel, the conduit open and clear, to create a space where art can happen, then to sit at my table or stand at my easel and be patient.  Being impatient as I often am does not further the process along.  Sometimes the ideas come so fast and seem so bizarre; I can only hope I catch up with them.

Whatever medium I am working in at the moment is my favorite, but, I think drawing with a simple 2B pencil and painting in oils would be the ones I love the most.  They seem to me the purist and most honest.  Over the years, my work also has included papier mâché sculptures; mosaic-tiled, painted, and embellished furniture; two coloring books for women; and a series of children’s books about my Great Dane Savannah Blue.

Recently, I completed a series of Journey Books made from recycled blank journals in which I created painted and collaged images to inspire beholders as they travel their life journeys.  The books are filled with images of landscapes, animals, and heavenly bodies because it is from these places that I receive inspiration, healing, solace, and joy.  In creating each of these books, I created a miniature celebration of Life, which I hope can be seen in my choice of materials as well as in my choice of images and words.

At the moment, I am working with feverish joy on a series of large, three-dimensional paintings that tie together my work as a fine artist with my recent forays into the world of paper craft. These oversized portraits of women and animals in nature mark my return, after a twelve-year hiatus, to painting on large canvases. And for the first time ever, I have a dedicated studio especially for painting! For years, I slept in the small kitchens of efficiency apartments so that I could use my bedroom/living room combo as my art space. I am so blessed now to be painting in a large, light studio and to be engaged in this project that feels like the culmination of many years of creative exploration.

As for the future, I still dream of learning the art of welding so I may unleash even more of the creatures crowding my imagination.

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