Unwind Time App

With the free Unwind Time app for iPad, you can spend some quality time alone with your thoughts and creativity, coloring beautiful pen-and-ink drawings in Sudie?€™s Coloring Corner?€”or spend some quality time with your loved ones reading children?€™s books in Savannah Blue?€™s Book Nook. Either way, snuggle up in your favorite chair and prepare to relax, unwind, and have fun.

Due to the memory requirements of the drawing app, it is recommended for use on iPad 3 (iPad Retina), iPad 4, iPad Air and above models only. All earlier versions do not support Unwind Time.

Unwind Time is artist and author Sudie Rakusin?€™s virtual bookstore for children and adults. In Sudie?€™s Coloring Corner, adults can download coloring books filled with Sudie?€™s detailed pen-and-ink drawings of women, animals, and goddesses. Easily save multiple completed versions of each drawing and share with friends on Facebook or via email. Print out your creations to decorate the walls of your home or office or turn digital copies into wallpaper or screensavers for your phone or computer.

In Savannah Blue?€™s Book Nook, children can download and read the books in Sudie?€™s picture book series, Dear Calla Roo?€¦Love, Savannah Blue, as well as color, draw, and write letters to pen pals with Savannah Blue?€™s Activity Book.

Coloring Features:

  • Zoom Function allows for precise color application
  • Wide variety of standard and airbrush pen-tip and eraser sizes
  • Unlimited color choices using a sophisticated color wheel that enables easy shading from light to dark
  • 0-100% Color Opacity scale offers precise control of color density from opaque to translucent
  • Undo and Redo functions allow for quick, precise changes
  • Color each drawing an unlimited number of times
  • Print, Save to Camera, and Share pictures directly to Facebook or via Email
  • New coloring books added to store every 60 days
  • Download Coloring Book for Big Girls #1 for free
  • Additional coloring books (6 pages) available for in-app purchase of $1.99
  • New coloring books featuring Sudie Rakusin?€™s original art available 6 or more times per year
  • Plus, FREE bonus books!

Children?€™s Book Features:

  • Quickly download and read illustrated children?€™s picture books in Savannah Blue?€™s Book Nook
  • Download Savannah Blue?€™s Activity Book to color, draw, and write letters on Savannah Blue?€™s signature stationery. Save, Print, and Share your creations!

Sample story and coloring pages

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