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Journey Cards for Guidance, Epiphanies, and Revelations

Journey CardsDo you crave the clarity of a daily snapshot of your life? Would your next steps be surer if you had a candle to shine into the shadows of your past? Are you seeking guidance as you create a roadmap for your future?

This deck contains intricate pen-and-ink drawings of goddesses from throughout my career. It also contains multimedia paintings of saints from my imagination. Sanctus Cumulus, the Latin Saint of Clouds, was the first to reveal herself to me in a dream, followed soon after by 18 of her glorious sisters. The feminine energies of the world’s well-loved goddesses combine beautifully with those of these as-yet-unknown saints to create a distinctive and comprehensive deck of divination cards.

Draw inspiration from the dynamic feminine energy of these intimate, detailed images. Gain personal insights as you immerse yourself in a collective wisdom forged from thousands of years of goddess-centered life. Open yourself to the epiphanies the Universe whispers in your ear whenever you invite Her in. Wherever you are in your journey, the saints and goddesses inhabiting these cards will light your passage and empower you with grace awareness, integrity, and strength.

ISBN 0-9664805-6-2
19 full-color Imagined Saints cards
36 pen-and-ink Multicultural Goddess cards
132-page book featuring descriptions of each Saint & Goddess and suggestions for use

Concept and Artwork by Sudie Rakusin
Text by Sudie Rakusin, Kristine Goad, and Anna Styers-Barnett


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The Coloring Book for Big Girls

Coloring Book For Big Girls

The Coloring Book for Big Girls is a beautiful adult coloring book filled with drawings of strong, high-spirited womyn. A wonderful gift for girls of all ages to celebrate rites of passage. It contains 25 detailed pen-and-ink drawings to color, each accompanied by a descriptive caption.

ISBN 0966480503
28pp., 8.5″ x 11″
Paperback, full-color cover
$9.95 Download: Coloring Book for Big Girls Sample Page (273.43KB)
Description: A sample page from The Coloring Book For Big Girls

NEW! Second Coloring Book for Big Girls–10th Anniversary Edition

Second Coloring Book For Big Girls CoverTo commemorate the 10th anniversary of The Second Coloring Book for Big Girls: Spirits and Goddesses, I wanted to celebrate the book’s success and make it even more attractive to the people who made it a success in the first place. So, I released a new edition that includes 8 new drawings for the same low price of the original! Now, The Second Coloring Book for Big Girls contains 38 intricate drawings to color accompanied by captions that will inform you and touch your heart. You will love this edition even more than the first! Gift yourself and your friends.

ISBN 978096648052X
44pp., 8.5″ x 11″
Paperback, full-color cover
$11.95 Download: Second Coloring Book for Big Girls Sample Page (311.44KB)
Description: A sample page from The Second Coloring Book for Big Girls: Spirits and Goddesses

Dreams and Shadows Blank Journal

This 200-page blank journal featuring 50 pen-and-ink drawings of goddesses and empowered womyn was a huge hit when it was first released in 1987.

Now, you can enjoy this beloved book in a spiral-bound format and at an even lower price! Perfect for creating your own beautiful artwork or
capturing the thoughts that make you unique. The book is sure to be cherished by artists, writers, womyn’s groups, and solitary souls seeking an inspiring space in which to muse.

The womon-centered images in this journal celebrate the inner and outer lives of womyn, as well as the female form. Let the womyn and
animals in these pages help you find the dreams and shadows that dwell in you!

8 1/2″ x 11″ format
200 heavyweight pages
50 pen-and-ink illustrations

*SPECIAL NOTE: Several illustrations depict nude female forms. Download: Dreams and Shadows Journal Sample (136.88KB)
Description: Sample Pages from the Dreams and Shadows Journal

Big Girls’ Coloring Notecards

I am so excited about these cards! They combine the fun of my coloring books with the joy of sending handwritten notes to friends. I think you’ll love them!

The images are reproductions of 4 of my original drawings in pen-and-ink and water-soluble graphite. I carefully selected the heavy-duty card stock to be well-suited for whatever coloring implements you want to use–pencils, markers, crayons, water-soluble chalk. Just unleash your passion for color and go where your imagination leads!

The set includes 8 cards (2 each of 4 designs; 5″ x 7″) and 8 envelopes; $16.00.


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21st Century Renaissance Paintings Notecards

This May Be the Last Sunset I Ever See painting by Sudie RakusinThe cards are reproductions of my original, multi-media paintings on canvas.

For each painting in this series, I begin with a stretched canvas, then cut and attach plywood covered in canvas to the frame to create an irregular edge. I build up the canvas with various media, including using papier maché to sculpt a flower that erupts out of the canvas or to create a shape to hold a crystal. A butterfly, feather, the stamen or pistil of a flower—you never know what is going to stand away from the surface of the painting.

We Only Die Once Painting by Sudie Rakusin

I maximize the interactive elements of the artwork by cutting holes in the canvas, creating pockets, or adding doors that open and close to hide some small, painted treasure. When You Let Go of What You Are by Sudie RakusinFinally, to finish off the piece, I add beads, crystals, glass, ribbons, fringe, LED or fiber optic lights, or the words of a favorite quote.

You can see these paintings and the others in my 21st Century Renaissance series by visiting my Gallery.

Only a Stubbornly Persistent Illusion painting by Sudie Rakusin





This set of notecards includes 8 cards (two each of 4 designs; 5″ x 7″) and 8 envelopes.




Chorus of Saints Notecards

These notecards are reproductions of original 14″ x 17″ paintings. I created these multicultural female saints to spin our clouds, guide our journeys, witness our tears, and listen to our dreams.

This set of notecards includes 8 cards and 8 envelopes.


See the full cannon of saints in greater detail in the gallery.


Sankt Snoa Tragoudi Sanctus Cumulus Sainte Pleur






crwyd-new_h495 Sint Njozi Santa Flores Santa Nina