In 2000, I created the first book in what has become the children’s series Dear Calla Roo…Love, Savannah Blue. One summer when my sister Amy brought her eight-year-old daughter Calla Ruth to visit me in North Carolina, Calla and my Great Dane Savannah Blue became immediate friends.  After Amy and Calla Ruth returned home to Maryland, I began writing letters to Calla in what I imagined to be Savannah Blue’s voice.  Amy and Calla would read these letters together as though they were bedtime stories and eventually Amy urged me to do something creative with them.  While I had never considered myself to be a writer before this project, I accepted the challenge of trying something new and have written and illustrated each book myself.  In December, 2007, I released the third book in the hardcover series and am working on a fourth.  The children’s books also include Savannah Blue’s Activity Book, a dual-language English and Spanish softcover book that offers children the opportunity to draw, color, and write letters, while practicing their reading skills in two languages.

Dear Calla Roo…Love, Savannah Blue: a letter to a pen pal

Dear Calla Roo…Love, Savannah Blue: a letter about getting sick and feeling better

Dear Calla Roo…Love, Savannah Blue: a letter about my birthday

Savannah Blue’s Activity Book

Savannah Blue even has her own website for children!
Visit with your child to read Savannah Blue’s blog, download pictures to color, become Savannah Blue’s electronic pen pal, or find the monthly art challenges for kids—even upload your child’s artwork directly to the site! You will also find Author Visit information, including the library and school readings and workshops I offer, as well as how to invite me to visit your children’s group.

Enlarged, framed reproductions of my children’s book illustrations hang on the children’s floor of the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center/N.C. Cancer Hospital and are available to other children’s medical centers, libraries, and schools. Contact me to see my portfolio or to inquire about a custom illustration.